Beautifully Written

A Christmas tradition that unites us all is SONG. Music is front and center in this season, What is unique is that leading up to that first Christmas, the power of song was central for those who were waiting for Jesus to arrive. In the Gospel of Luke, in chapters 1 and 2, there are four songs that are beautifully written, drawing us into the heart of God. Maybe the heart of these songs might become one of our greatest traditions we come to love. Scripture:

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I'm Busy

“I’m busy.” We all feel it, and say it often. It’s crazy to consider this truth: Jesus was never in a hurry. For the next four weeks we will consider what it would be like to trade our busy lives for the unhurried life Jesus offers.

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This Is Us

“Human nature is in need of a map. If you’re brave enough to draw one, people will follow.” (Seth Godin) When churches don’t have a map, tragic things can happen. For five weeks, we are going to show you our map and WHY we exist. If you are curious about who The Orchard Oxford is, we are hopeful you will begin to learn who we are and maybe start doing life with us.

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Hard To Swallow

The Tough Sayings of Jesus

Some of Jesus' teachings are especially difficult to swallow, aren't they? It is so easy to embrace some while wanting to ignore others. If you have wrestled with this tension, you are in good company, because Jesus' early followers felt this way too. Hard To Swallow is a series that will journey through different sayings of Jesus.

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