Garden to City // Week 2 // Recap

posted by Eric George | Jun 14, 2021

Everyone, everywhere worships something. We become what we choose to gaze upon. So what are we gazing upon? That's an important question to consider.

In Revelation 4-5 the apostle John tells us he saw “a door standing open in heaven.” This can be translated to mean “always open!” That's great news! For followers of Jesus today, our awareness that Heaven is always OPEN, that Jesus is near and loves us, should lead us to have OPEN hearts to worship Him unashamed, fully free, and alive.

This is exactly what the elders in Revelation 4 display for us. They lay down their crowns before him (Rev 4:10). Worship is first and foremost NOT about our preferences, it's about a daily posture to lay down our crowns and little thrones before Jesus. This is worship in its truest sense.

Do we believe our greatest joy is found in Jesus alone? Stop to consider what we have constructed and religiously check all the time. We check our own digital thrones on social media filled with beautiful pictures of who? Ourselves. Every like, heart, retweet, etc. boosts our own self-worth. Our worship of self isn't always digitally centered. In our frightened panic lives, we soothe ourselves with worshipful placebos, be it sexually, financially, relationally, etc. that do not bring the JOY that Jesus can truly bring.

We don't have to live this way. Allow me to say that again...we don't have to live this way.

The door of heaven is OPEN friends. Let's be worshippers today and always that resemble where your greatest joy, victory, and worth's in Jesus.