posted by Wes Schrickel | Apr 5, 2023

HOLY WEDNESDAY - John 13:21-32

Jesus and his disciples were inseparable for at least 3 years. They traveled everywhere together, slept near each other, and shared countless meals. However, this Wednesday meal was different from the others. Jesus knew that one of his disciples would betray Him. He knew that it would be Judas.

The other disciples had no idea. They thought, “how could any one of us betray Jesus?” They thought it was inconceivable. They sat there looking at each other wondering who He was talking about. Each one sure that it could not be them. I’m sure Peter was just as confident that he would not betray Jesus. 

Whenever we think “I could never do that” we put ourselves in a dangerous place.  We should never underestimate the depths of our sinfulness and depravity. We all betray and deny Jesus in our lives and deeds. Thankfully, Jesus forgives us just as he forgave Peter (I believe he would have forgiven Judas had he repented). What betrayal or denial do you need to repent of today?