posted by Wes Schrickel | Apr 3, 2023

HOLY MONDAY - John 12:1-11

The first day of holy week confronts us with the outcome of Jesus’ ministry. He will die. Such an odd juxtaposition to what comes next in Jesus’ story - the triumphal entry. It’s a reminder that those who crown him as king in the beginning of the week will yell “crucify” by Friday. 

Because of this, Mary anoints Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume. As Judas notes, this perfume is worth a year’s wages. As an act of worship, Mary takes on the form of a slave, wiping Jesus’ feet with her hair. Not only does this act clean Jesus’ feet, but as he says, “she did this in preparation for my burial.” The dead were anointed with oil and perfumes before they were laid to rest as an act of reverence and preservation. Mary, out of reverence and love, pours out this expensive perfume as a sacrifice.

Worship takes sacrifice. Judas saw it as a waste. Mary saw it as worship. Where is your heart today?