posted by Mariah Bullard | Mar 31, 2023

FRIDAY - Psalm 119:25

 "I lie in the dust; revive me by your word."

We came from the dust- where there was once no life, God reached down and breathed us into existence. But so many times I find myself clinging to the dust of my life, the dead parts of my journey that God has brought me out of. Sometimes its grief for loss I've faced, or shame for decisions I've made.. but either way, instead of walking in the new life I've been given, I hold on to what I came out of-- the dirty or less than perfect (complete) places God brought me from. But God's Word pours healing, love, and new beginnings over each of our dead places.. He uses the dust for something more, something new, something living. Sometimes it's His breath into life, His spit for our sight, or the breaking of our clay in order to sculpt something so much better.

Let this be a day of newness for you. Make this a season where you rise from the dust- a refreshing and letting go of what you came from to an embracing of His promise for abundant life. His very breath in our lungs.