posted by Alex Crosby | Mar 16, 2023

THURSDAY - John 4:5-42 

The story of Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well might be a familiar story to some. Jesus is traveling through Samaria and stops at a well for a drink of water during the midday heat. When He stops He meets a woman and begins to talk with her. This is not a customary interaction, the Jewish people and Samaritans did not converse cordially. He shows that he knows much more about this woman than her appearance would suggest and he tells her things about herself that only she knows to be true. When she questions Jesus about his identity, He tells her of the truth of what he has come to convince the world of. 

There is a moment in this story when she says, “when the messiah comes, he will explain all of these truths to us.” And Jesus responds by saying: “I am the Messiah.” Jesus is the very one that she is referring to, and she had no idea. How many times have we been waiting for something that was already right in front of us. How many times have we been askingGod for an answered prayer and we just couldn’t see the ways that God had already answered it. Some of us today need to hear these words with new ears. Pray that God would give you ears to hear and eyes to see the blessings that are laid out before you.