posted by Alex Crosby | Mar 13, 2023

MONDAY - Exodus 17:1-7 

As the Israelite people are wandering in the desert, they are being taught how to fully trust in God as their provider and sustainer. They find themselves in a moment of desperation, without anything to drink. A common occurrence in the desert. These nomadic people are following God’s commands through Moses and being taught daily what it means to have faith. They cry out to their leader, begging for something to drink. Moses appeals to God for an answer to satisfy his people, God answers by giving clear instructions for water to miraculously flow from the stone. Moses takes his staff and does as God has commanded and God provides water enough for the people and livestock to drink. 

In this season, we are being led to fully trusting in God. We find ourselves fasting and rejecting certain things in order to draw closer to God and to learn to have more faith in Him. In our moments of desperation, may we learn from the model set forth for us by the Israelites and Moses and trust in God’s provision and His plan for us.