posted by Joey Bates | Mar 10, 2023

FRIDAY - John 5:30-47

Lent is a time where we examine our life’s direction. We see the places we’ve been, and the places we’re going, and we ask the question: what is the point?

That’s exactly the argument that Jesus is in during our reading. The Pharisees and teachers of religious law are arguing about the point of the Scriptures. These people looked at the Scriptures as their way of life, and Jesus is challenging them. Jesus is saying that He is the point. He is the main character. He is the center of the story. 

This challenges the Pharisees and it challenges us, as well. Do we see Jesus as the center of the story? Do we see Him as the point of the universe? Do we see Him as the main character in our story? Lent is a reorientation around the Truth that Jesus is the source of our life, and the center of our life. Today, will you ask Jesus to become the center of every chapter, every paragraph, and every sentence of your life?