Week Eight_Happy Are The Persecuted // Reflection Guide // The Good Life

posted by Church Administrator | Nov 1, 2020

1. Read Matthew 5:10

When we read this verse, it might be easy to think that we’ve experienced persecution for doing the right thing. However, the truth is that very few of us in the Western world know anything about persecution compared to our other Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

What does persecution look like for other Christians around the world? Compare that to the struggles and hardships you experience in following Jesus.

2. Commit to praying for a persecuted people group each week when you meet. There is power in prayer! Take a moment to check out a website (like The Voice of the Martyrs, www.persecution.com) to pray for persecuted Christians. 



Memorize Matthew 5:10. “God blesses those who are persecuted for doing right, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.”


Examine a time in your own life where you received a negative response for doing something good or right. Invite God into that memory to allow him to bring into perspective the persecution that Christians all throughout history and the world receive.


Write a letter or an email to one of the organizations helping those who are being persecuted (Voice of the Martyrs, www.persecution.com) thanking them for the work they are doing and letting them know that you are praying for those who are in danger for the sake of the gospel.