posted by Alex Crosby | Mar 1, 2023

WEDNESDAY - Romans 5:12-19

Because of the actions of one man, the world was changed forever. One man chose to be disobedient to God. To stand in direct opposition to the commands of God and partake of the forbidden fruit. And for his sin, all of his descendants were cursed. Without thinking of the implication of his actions, he affected all those who came after him. Then along comes another man. A different man, a better man. Who chose to be fully obedient to God, no matter what it cost Him. He followed His father’s words and led people back to God. He put himself in the lowest position and humbled himself to even be put on a cross. He knew the implication of his actions on all those who came after him, and He was obedient. 

Wherever you find yourself today, you can be a difference maker. From the leader of a house full of people, to a single college student. You have the ability to be a difference maker for all those who come after you. You can take the easy way out and stand passively by as Adam did and think only of yourself. Or you can act as Jesus did, placing others before yourself and following God’s commands no matter what it costs you. In your day today, make a conscious effort to place others before yourself, taking the position of Christ and thinking of how your actions affect those who are around you and all those who might come after you.