H.E.A.R. Method

posted by Church Administrator | Apr 27, 2022

Use this as a guide for studying Scripture as well as a guide for having conversations intentionally with others. We highly encourage you to find two or three others to meet and go through these with regularly.

H - Highlight
Pray for understanding, and then read through the text slowly and deliberately. After reading the text, HIGHLIGHT a verse(s) that stuck out to you.

E - Explain
Explain the details of the passage of Scripture. Pay attention to simple facts: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

A - Apply
Uncover the meaning of this scripture for you personally. Answer this question: What is God saying to me through this text?

R - Respond
Answer one question: What am I going to do about what God has called me to do? Write out a plan of action. You might respond by writing a prayer to God.